Mission Statement

Mission Statement

Every Child Matters: Every child matters is the heart of our schools’ work; to assist and track pupils’ personal development, which is made explicit in the School Development Plan. By meeting the five outcomes of being healthy, staying safe, enjoying and achieving, making positive contribution and achieving economic well being, we help the pupils to develop lively enquiring minds, to use with confidence a wide range of communication skills.

Development: To promote the intellectual, moral, social and physical development of all our pupils. To help them to develop lively enquiring minds, to use with confidence and a wide range of communication skills.

To provide a broad, balanced and relevant curriculum, through a wide range of educational experiences.

Standards: To encourage pupils to strive for the highest Possible standards in all they do and to achieve their personal best.

Under the umbrella of an Islamic environment we will maintain high standards of behaviour, high moral values together with respect and tolerance of other cultures in society.

Enjoyment: To foster an enjoyment of learning and to give equal opportunity for all pupils to experience success at school.

Community Links: To welcome the participation of pupils, parents, trustees and the wider community in all aspects of the educational process.

Resources: To ensure the effective management of human and financial resources to achieve our aims.


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Head of School welcome message

Head Teacher’s welcome message:-

Welcome to British Islamic Academy (BIA) website.

السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته

I hope that you will find our humble website informative and interesting. We hope that it gives you a deeper insight into what makes our school unique in every sense.

The school’s Mission Statement is states that ‘BIA seeks to provide a caring, secure and safe Islamic environment in which every student can discover and realise his/her full potential. We strive to cultivate our students to become the generation that makes the difference, continue building this beautiful nation from where our fathers and forefathers have left off. We Strive to produce young Muslim generations with strong Islamic and Somali identity. We strive to Inspire the children of Today to become the Leader of Tomorrow. This with the Help and Power of Allaah The All-Mighty’

At BIA, we ensure all our children achieve their full potential in every aspect of school life. Our faith is precious to us and takes a centre and key role to every part of BIA efforts.

BIA endeavours to give the children a fully rounded education which will enable them to be part of the global village and wider community (whatever this community might be, Somaliland, Europe, USA, Canada etc) living their lives as good Allaah fearing Muslim citizens.

At BIA our committed, qualified, passionate and highly experienced staff, work hard to ensure a caring, secure and happy Islamic environment in which all learners will thrive and perform to the best of their abilities.

Our curriculum ensures that our children get the broad and balanced experience which they are entitled to. Within our community, we encourage the parents and carers of our pupils to play a vital role in the education of their children.

A partnership between home and school ensures our pupils are provided with all support and love they need to flourish and enjoy their learning experience. This is least our precious children deserve.

Please keep yourself up-to-date with information about the school by reading our school newsletter which is sent home with all pupils and published on the website.

Thank you for your continuous support.

Samatar Abdi-Goulid (Abdulqaadir Hinaase)

BIA director

Cell & WhatsApp: 00252-63-423 1886


Address: Jigjiga Yar, Opposite of Summer Time Restaurant (Due North), Just before Jaameelo garage

Hargeisa, Somaliland


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Contact us…

Jig Jiga Yar, opposite (North of) Summer Time restaurant, behind Safari Hotel
Tel. Admin: +252-636961785
Management: +252-634231886
(Lines are answered between 6am and 6pm, Saturdays to Wednesdays. If unanswered or it is outside of working hours, please send us an email or a massage)
Facebook: /biaprimary
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