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Assessment for Entry (also valid for current applicants who did not meet their targets in Islamic Studies and Qaacidah)

All prospective pupils are assessed  (If the $20 per candidate is paid):

  • On the 1st of July 2018 at 7:00 am

on as follows:

  • Reception – Year 3 entry – The assessments for Reception are designed to look for the child’s potential rather than what has already been learnt, and assess readiness to learn in a more formal context.
  • Year 1 to 3: The assessment covers language and social skills, mathematics, physical and creative skills, as well as understanding of the world (Science).
  • Years 4 – 8: the prospective pupils as well as current students are required to sit an English, Arabic, Quraan (Year 4-5: 1 Juzz, years 6-7: 5 Juzz), Hadith (15 of the 40 Nawawi), Aqiidah (15 of the 50 Q&A’s in Aqiidah) and Maths paper. (See above points for more details). Memorising the whole of the Hadith and Aqiidah book MUST be completed by the end of term 1.