Very beneficial website to learn about Ramdaan and the virtues of Ramadaan Ramadhan & Fasting   Preparing for Ramadhan Preparing For A Noble Guest… Ramadhaan – Abu Muhammad al-Maghribee [Audio|En] Preparing Ourselves For Ramadhaan – Sheikh Abdur-Razzaaq al-Badr – Abu Muhammad Al-Maghribee [Audio|En] Lessons from Ramadaan : Al-Istiqaamah Magazine Point of Reflections Ramadhaan –…

BIA School trip April 2019

  BIA students, from year 4 to 8 boys and Girls, are planning to go on a school trip. We have been working on this idea for a while now. Many suggestions were were practically or financially too difficult to realise. We have now decided on a destination which we…

HEFDO – WhatsApp

  Our HEFDO WhatsApp Group Rules & Guidelines Do’s – Practices which are appreciated Relevant Posts to the Madrasah Only: Everyone must write posts only those are relevant to the Madrasah. English or Arabic Please: Please post messages in English or Arabic only so that every member can understand. Respect to peers, experts…


Teachers at BIA have worked hard accumulating and compiling these revision books so that our students can revision over the 2 weeks holiday. These booklets contain everything the students have learned so far and that which will be learned in the two weeks after the holidays. The mock exam on…

Jolly Phonics

  BOOK1:   BOOK2:   BOOK3:   BOOK4:   BOOK5:   BOOK6:   BOOK7:    

Islamic Studies books

  YEAR 1:كتاب-النشاط-الفقه-والسلوك-للصف-الاول-الابتدائي-الفصل-الثاني.pdf   YEAR 2: ar_01_tu7eed_second_grade ar_01_tu7eed_second_grade_nshat ar_02_tu7eed_second_grade ar_02_tu7eed_second_grade_nshat   YEAR 3:   YEAR 4:   ar_01_Tagweed_fourth_grade ar_02_Tagweed_fourth_grade  …

Parents committee

Parent Committee The purpose of the BIA Parent Committee is to serve the school’s best interests by supporting the school’s mission, programs, and activities.  The BIA Parent Committee should mirror the goals of the Board of Directors, operating like task units rather than bureaucracies, with the end goal of creating…

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