End of Term info – REVISION – EXAMS and more.. please read!

السلام عليكم ورحمه الله وبركاته

Dear Parents,

First of all, I would like to ask you to make abundance of Du’aas for our brothers and sisters in New Zealand and everywhere in the world that Allah accepts them amongst the righteous ones.

Secondly, just a quick update on the schedule of the coming few days.

🔶 Most of the Mock exams went very well, some will be taken off tomorrow In-shaa Allaah.

🔶 Week starting tomorrow, Saturday, 16th March will be revision week. There will be no PE excursion.

🔶 Mock exams are used internally only. As for the Mock exam results, we decided to put on ClassDojo the following feedback:
“passed” if student passed with 50% or above mark. Or “Needs attention” if 49% or less.Mock exams are a useful tool and a good indicator for the teachers to have a fit idea of the state of the students and whether the materials (lessons and skills) which were meant to be covered in the term (12 weeks) are well understood.

The revision week is then used to revise and reinforce anyportions of the termly scheme of work not sufficiently understoodor any topics covered that need extra attention or any student thatneed extra help.

🔶Termly Exams will start on the 23rd March to 25th March.(Timetable will be published soon)

🔶 During the Exam week the school will be Half day (for the students, staff works full time) from 7:15 to 12:30.

🔶 It is vital that students arrive on-time especially during the exam week.

🔶 Termly exams will not be retaken. Absent or students who have missed the exams (or one of them) will not resit the exam,rather we will use their available marks to make up the final term mark.

🔶 ESOL (English for speakers of other languages, basically those whom need extra/special help with English) students will sit for especial type of exams and not the mainstream exams. This will unfortunately mean that they will not be part of the class/school ranking system.

🔴 Year 8: during the revision week, we will stop teaching the year 8s the Somaliland curriculum as to focus on the upcoming BIA termly exams. These lessons will restart after the exams.

🔶 The term reports will be split into two distinguishable sections:

Section 1:
Maths, English, Islamic studies, Science & IT

Section 2:
Arabic, and Quraan.

Some students are strong in one section and weak in the other,and we intend that each student have a fair chance to excel and be prosperous without his less well developed side to determine his overall final mark.

🔶School will be Off on Tuesday, Wednesday and Saturday 26th& 27th, 30th.

🔶 Thursday 4th April Parents’ meeting is planned. Time will be confirmed.

🔶Monday, 1st April marks the start of the Summer term In-shaaAllaah.