HEFDO – WhatsApp


Our HEFDO WhatsApp Group Rules & Guidelines

Do’s – Practices which are appreciated

  • Relevant Posts to the Madrasah Only: Everyone must write posts only those are relevant to the Madrasah.
  • English or Arabic Please: Please post messages in English or Arabic only so that every member can understand.
  • Respect to peers, experts and admins: Everyone must talk respectfully to other members, experts and administrators.
  • Value for Time: Please also understand and value each others time.

Don’ts – Practices which are banned by Admins:

  • Greeting and Salaams to the minimum. We should not flood the group with “Salaam”, “Jazaakallaahu khairan”, “hi” etc
  • Irrelevant Content:
    • Do not post anything outside the topic related to the Madrasah.
    • Do not spam or post any irrelevant messages in the group.
    • No jokes, No forward messages, no greeting messages, no blank emoticons, inspirational / devotional messages, no social event wishes, no invites, no personal comments or any type of irrelevant posts. (Discretion of the admin which post is irrelevant).
    • Please avoid chit chat and casual / small talk. All of us are members of other groups where we get them.
    • Unrelated content will not be tolerated at all.
  • No Arguing: Please do not argue with group members or with the admins.
  • No stalking of any member: Members are requested to refrain from bothering group members personally. Further, when communicating in the group, they are expected to talk and behave in a polite and professional manner. Any Complaint by any member (about stalking of him/her by some other member of the group) shall be taken very seriously.
  • Do not Change Group Name & Icon: Members are prohibited from changing group name and group icon. Only admins will do it as and when necessary.
  • Excessive self-promotion: Excessive self-promotion will not be entertained.
  • No group invite links: Members are prohibited from sharing external group invite links in the group. Only admins will do it as and when necessary.
  • Quality not Quantity: In larger interest, members are expected to refrain from sending messages without any defined intent of conversation – For example: ‘Good Morning’, ‘Good Night’. We need to focus on quality of discussion and not quantity.


Personal Opinion: The posts in the group by any member or expert shall be their personal views. We shall not be liable for any such information provided.

Agreement to the terms, rules & guidelines: Your continued presence in the group will mean you agree and abide to the terms of the group.

Important: Removal from the Group

Any deviation from the group guidelines will be taken seriously and offenders will be removed from the group permanently without notice.

Note: Members who are removed from the group will not be added back to the group. So please be careful about what you are sharing with the group. This is done to protect the interest and privacy of group members.