Key Stage One

 As you know, KS1 consists of Year 1 and Year 2

In Key Stages 1, the children follow the National Curriculum for England which consists of the following subjects:-

• English
• Mathematics
• Science

• Aqiidah العقيدة

• Fiqh فقه العبادات

• Hadith حديث

• Athkaar الأذكار

• Arabic اللغة العربية

• Information and Communication Technology
• Islamic History (starting from pre-Islamic era to the Makkan stage, Madinan stage, etc)
• Geography
• Art
• Physical Education
• PSHE / Citizenship

Whilst the core subjects of English, Maths, Science and ICT are taught separately, many of the other areas are taught through cross-curricular topics. This provides a meaningful context for learning which helps to engage the children and make learning fun.

From Year 1 upwards, children learn Arabic and are taught about the history, culture and traditions of Somaliland and the region through Social Studies.