Our curriculum

Primary School

Primary School (Ages 5 to 11)

The Primary School covers the National Curriculum Key Stages 1 and 2, Years 1 to 6 (age 5-11). Teachers provide stimulating activities to build up pupil confidence and harness their natural curiosity. Children thereby achieve high levels of knowledge, skills and understanding while enjoying the learning process.

Key Stage 1 (Years 1 and 2, ages 5 to 7)

Our aim is for children to enjoy their time at school and to develop knowledge, understanding and values in order to reach their full potential in all academic and social areas of school life.
The work of each year group is guided by the appropriate level of the English National Curriculum. Key Stage 1 is by nature broad and balanced with subject areas including English, Mathematics, Science, Islamic History, Art and Craft and Physical Education.

In Mathematics we aim to develop a knowledge and understanding of the role of these subjects in everyday life. Children are encouraged to relate their Mathematics work to other areas of the curriculum and the skills and attitudes acquired are important components of cross-curricular topic work. The remainder of our curriculum is led by the class teacher through an integrated, topic-based approach.

Key Stage 2 (Years 3 to 6, ages 7 to 11)

In years 3 and 4 a similar approach is adopted with a combination of subject based and cross- curricular approach. This approach promotes a variety of skills and offers scope for the development of many different concepts.
We emphasise active investigative methods to facilitate purposeful learning and to encourage independence, while at the same time ensuring that the main requirements of the National Curriculum are covered. In Year 5 and 6 we move towards a more clearly defined subject orientated timetable with increasing access to subject specialist teachers in preparation for Secondary School.
As in Britain, towards the end of Year 6, the children take Standard Achievement Tests (SATs) in the three “core” subjects (Reading, Writing and Maths) and these are then sent to Britain for evaluation and marking.
The Curriculum also covers Fiqh, Aqiidah, Seerah, Somali Language, Information and Communication Technology, and P.E. These subjects, in addition to the core subjects of Maths, English and Science, complete the curriculum.
All teaching staff are well acquainted with the British curriculum some are British Nationals with grounded knowledge about the Somaliland culture, with appropriate teaching qualifications or extensive experience in delivering the English National Curriculum. Teachers also has the support of the management and mentor as well as a full-time Teacher Assistant.
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