Charity week – Sadaqah Essay contest – March 2019

Please read the following texts written by some of our students about the topic: “What the Sadaqah week meant to me” or “Did to me”.

Please send us your vote for the best essay via WhatsApp.

Deadline: Saturday, 16th March, 18:00. Thank  you for your time.


Competitors Nr1: Sohan Ali Year 6 Girls: 



Competitors Nr2: Rahma AbdilRizaaq Year 8 Girls



Competitors Nr3: Mona Mustafe

Mona M


Competitors Nr4: Lyaan Omar Year 6 Girls

Lyaan omar ahmed


Competitors Nr5: Dhayan Year 6 Girls



Competitors Nr6: Zakaria Mohamed Year 7 Boys

Zakaria Mohamed Yr7_My charity experience